General Terms and Conditions
  • All guests must be of at least 18 years of age to be able to check-in at the Hostel. Guests carrying Local ID’s or local residents will not be permitted to check-in at the Hostel.
  • Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited at the property owing to the local laws.
  • Reception is open 24 Hours. If you are coming late, make sure to give us a call before reaching. Letting us know in prior helps us to be prepared to welcome you.
  • It is mandatory for guests to present valid photo identification at the time of check-in. According to Government regulations, a valid Photo ID has to be carried by every person staying at the hostel.
  • The identification proofs accepted are Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving License and Voter ID card. PAN Card is not accepted as a valid ID Card. Guests with Local IDs will not be allowed admission.
  • Backpackers Hive is more appreciative to solo travellers and young backpackers hence it isn’t recommended for family to stay with us. In case you are travelling with a family, a hotel would be more suitable to your needs.
  • During Check-in at the property, prepayment is mandatory.
  • Advance taken at the time of reservations is strictly non-refundable. (Terms & conditions apply).
  • Non-resident guests are not allowed inside the rooms. In case you want to invite someone, you can meet with them in the common areas.
  • We do not guarantee accommodation in the same dorm room in case you happen to be travelling in a group or 3-4 people together.
  • Guest are responsible for their own personal belongings.
  • Breakfast is not inclusive of the room rate cited.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Should any action by a guest be deemed inappropriate by the Hostel, or if any inappropriate behaviour is brought to the attention of the hostel, the hostel reserves the right, after the allegations have been investigated, to take action against the guest.
  • Right to admission is reserved.
Booking Extension Policy
  • Extension of the stay would be provided on current room rates and are subject to availability.
  • Current room rates may be different from the rates at which the rooms were booked.
Group Policy
  • Before proceeding with a group booking, please note, Backpackers Hive does not allow Group stays beyond 10 people (even if the bookings are made in multiple instalments, through any booking platform).
  • In case of a group of 4 or more, you would be purposefully allotted different dorm rooms.
  • Any booking qualifying as group booking (booking of 4 or more people) is liable for a 5 days cancellation policy and a link will be sent out you to make the payment in advance.
  • The group leader must contact us should their group have any queries.
  • If the group behaviour is deemed unfit at the property, the Backpackers Hive Property Manager, upon subjective evaluation, retains the full right to take required action which may also result in an on-spot cancellation without refunds.
  • Any group bookings which has not been authorised in advance, or has been made by several individuals/ separate bookings to make it appear as though it is not a group can be cancelled or denied at any time in advance or on arrival.
  • Backpackers Hive reserves the right to admission.
Check-In & Check-Out Policy
  • Standard Check-In time is 12 Noon.
  • Standard Check-Out time is 11 AM.
  • Early Check-In and Late Check-Out is subject to availability and discretion of the property.
  • You can feel free to lounge around in the common areas or engage yourself in the various activities that take place at our hostel during this time.