Welcome to Backpackers Hive


Backpackers Hive started with not a blast but a whimper. Yeah! you heard it right! It was indeed a whimper. We will be a roar someday! Don’t you worry… We will get to that!

In the heart of Koregaon park we started to mould the idea of a place where we could offer great meaningful experiences through engagement, movement, yoga, meditation and lots of LOVE! What could be better than a Backpackers Hostel? Hive is that! Hive is the embodiment of what should make travelling an enriching experience. It shall offer everything: seclusion, socialisation, retreat, love, yearning, cocooning from the cacophony and din of city life.

With lush green imagery of the Koregaon Park, Hive sits blissfully in its utter poise amidst the green foliage of the trees and tweeting birds, it makes us all peaceful, serene and in balance.

Spacious rooms with all basic prerequisites like reading light, charging ports, dedicated usb hubs, large windows give it a life of its own. We want to create best moments, reminiscent memories. We want to do it all but yes it will all happen slowly. The rooms look quaint with ample natural light festooned from the large gaping windows. The colour choices of the building is again a balance of peaceful white to the buzzing yellow and soothing turquoise. Yes, we do keep splashing the colours here and there very often to see of it reflects a balanced mood.

Pune’s weather keeps it all quintessentially beautiful. We have a dedicated Yoga and Meditation Oxygen Zone on the Terrace. We call it “_“. Common area with a 49” smart TV to watch sports with cable, a work station for guests and a PlayStation to keep anyone engaged all day.

You all love food and so do we! With an entire globe at our door with cosmopolitan guest list we wanted to have a really nice Kitchen. We equipped our kitchen with best utensils, microwave, toaster, induction stove, refrigerator, electric kettle and egg boiler to give you that morning caffeine or punch of protein to kick off the day. So if y'all in Pune, Hive is the home for all the Traveller Bees.


Dorm Rooms

Hive - An Apiary of People

We asked ourselves? Is it going to be a merely scripted dull introduction like any other mundane mechanical clickety-clack on the keyboard or something else? In part yes and in some part no. Part ‘Yes’ because introductions don’t give much space to the the immensity and to the gravity of our experiences and emotions. Part ‘No’ well, because we still want to give it a try. As Derrida puts: Preface violates Space and Time as preface (or introduction) pretends to be part of an experience or a work while being spatially and temporally detached from it. So let us keep that in mind.

Common Area

There is nothing common about it!

It is what gives us completion and meaning. This is the place of guffaws, glitters, philosophy, osho-ism, procrastination, oblivion or just pure entertainment. This is what brings to Hive : Integration and coherence. Do look at all the great art festooned on the walls and believe us you’ll love and appreciate it. Apart from artwork, it’s the place we all get to engage on our Food, movie nights, on sports (on a freaking large smart TV with Satellite Cable) or PlayStation (for all the Gamers). There are indoor gaming indulgences like Carrom Board, Jenga and many board games.


Cook Something new and exciting everyday !

Oh! We get all excited when it comes to the Kitchen. It’s the most well equipped kitchen, we can assure you that! We have put in all the kitchen appliances like microwave, electric egg boiler, kettle, toaster, refrigerator, water purifier and induction stove to cook. It’s all in there and we love seeing our guests creating their exquisite cuisines everyday. It’s a heaven for food lovers and house chefs.


Terrace is our Yoga Temple !

Hive is the place where all the Yoga enthusiasts could find an open clean Terrace to get into their Yoga routines. We also provide yoga mats. Not just that! It’s a perfect place to sit and meditate or simply sip on their coffee while looking at the crayoning and moving life. It’s a vantage point to allow us to look lucidly and have clarity in life. That’s why it is our Temple.